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To: All Personnel
From: AC Arnold
Date: September 24, 2013
Re: Notice of Privacy Practices

The department’s Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) has been revised to reflect the new HIPAA regulations published by the Department of Health & Human Services. The final rules set forth by the federal government enforce steep fines and penalties for non-compliance by the covered entity (Valparaiso FD), business associate (Billing Company), and individuals. There are several new changes regarding the disclosure of our patient’s health information including psychiatric care, the ability of patients to pay out-of-pocket for treatment, and other concerns regarding the patient’s rights.

We as a department have an obligation to notify each patient of their rights as it pertains to their health / personal information, and MUST give them each a copy of our NPP. I realize that handing out this piece of paper is not your top priority while treating your patients, but we are required by law to do so. EVERY patient that we evaluate and/or treat (refusals included) MUST be given a copy of the NPP. The revised version of this has been laminated for extra copies to be made (2 sided) and placed on the “EMS Forms” folder of each computer desktop at the stations. Please make sure sufficient copies are available in each of the trucks (Rescues & Engines) for ease of distribution. Thank you all for your cooperation with this, and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

I would encourage all of you to read over the revised copy of our NPP as it is your responsibility to comply with these new regulations.

NOTE: When responding w/ Porter EMS to assist in the care of their patients, they will be required to provide their NPP to the patient as the primary caregiver.

To: All Personnel
From: AC Arnold
Date: July 15, 2013
Re: Coroner Requests

Some confusion occurred recently, due to a procedural change from the Coroner’s Office that never filtered down to the EMS agencies. A policy went into place back in May 2013 that required all coroner requests be made by PD. This occurred because (1) police agency was not notified of a DOA and a scene “investigation” was never performed. I have spoken to the Porter County Coroner and John Jokantas (Central Dispatch) and they have agreed to the following amendment for all EMS agencies in Porter County:

1. EMS may request the Coroner’s Office, through Central Dispatch

2. Central Dispatch will ask the EMS agency if PD is on scene

3. If PD is not on scene, Central Dispatch will notify the appropriate police agency to respond

Valparaiso FD personnel should continue with business as usual while handling scene deaths. It is the crew’s responsibility to give a report to the Coroner or his/her designee in regards to your assessment findings. Once complete, the scene may be turned over to PD after “Field Report” is left w/ officer, and crew can then clear the scene. I hope that this clarifies “our” procedures and will eliminate any future confusion from Central Dispatch. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

To: All Personnel
From: AC Arnold
Date: June 19, 2013
Re: 12 Lead ECG’s / Face Sheets

This is a reminder to all that 12 Lead ECG’s MUST contain a patient name and age prior to transmission to the hospital. The pre-hospital ECG needs to be entered into the patient’s medical record at the hospital and they are unable to do so unless a patient name is attached.

Also, crews need to complete a request for a face sheet (blue form - PRH) at the hospital on ALL patient transports, regardless of how many prior transports the patient has had. By law we are required to keep these on file as proof of transport in addition to our signature requirements. Additionally, these face sheets are submitted to our billing company to assist in collections in case of demographic changes. I appreciate everyone’s cooperation with these requests. Thank you.

To: All Personnel
From: Training Division
Date: 04-14-2013
Re: Animal masks

A request for oxygen masks for pets was forwarded to our Training Division.
After searching high and low for the masks we carried on the Squads (the old rescues for you young guys) they have been found.
Due to the limited amount of masks and their use it has been decided that the masks will be located on our Command Vehicle.
It makes sense the Command Vehicle responds on all structure fires and the odds are the masks will be needed most on a fire scene.
Although the masks are self explanatory training has been developed on our Intranet. Look under our “Tools of the Trade” page and watch the videos.
To: All personnel
From: Training Division
Date: 02-13-2013
Re: “Block Training” Gas & Electric Emergencies

Beginning March 1 “Block Training” has been developed on gas and electrical emergencies. Use the material throughout the month for Company Op’s.
Kevin Kanney from NIPSCO’s Laporte Training facility will be conducting classes on the dates of:
March 20, 21, 22 at the Union Hall (9am - 12 noon)
Kevin mentioned the class focuses primarily on gas emergencies but electrical issues will be incorporated.
The Grand Rounds questions are to be completed and turned in to your Battalion Chief prior to march 30th.
REMC was contacted and they are willing to set up their 40ft electrical demonstration trailer for one day. The day has not been determined as of yet but it will coincide with March 20, 21, 22. I will keep you posted.
To: All Personnel
From: AC Arnold
Date: January 18, 2013
Re: EMS Training

Franciscan St. Anthony Health – Emergency Department staff will be coming in to speak with us regarding the services they offer at their Chesterton facility. The department has been working with them over the past several months to secure a re-stocking agreement and discuss what type of patients they are capable of handling at their “free-standing” Emergency Department.
We are fortunate to have another option available to us in Porter County if / when Porter Regional goes on “Full-Diversion”. In addition to talking about the types of patients they are capable of handling, they will also discuss the procedures for re-supplying and obtaining the necessary paperwork after a transport to their facility.

Instead of having them go to each individual station, we have arranged for them to meet with each crew as a whole at the Union Hall. Because we are meeting as a group, they have also offered to provide lunch to the department. The following dates and times have been arranged:
Date Crew Times Location
1/30/13 C - Crew 1200-1400 Union Hall
1/31/13 A – Crew 1200-1400 Union Hall
2/1/13 B – Crew 1200-1400 Union Hall

We anticipate these meetings lasting approximately 1 hour but have reserved some extra time for Q & A. Division Chief Weber will be assisting me with coordinating this, so please feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions. Thank you.
To: All Personnel
From: Department Administration
Date: January 16, 2013
Re: Equipment

We have purchased an additional Ice Rescue Suit (adult universal size), which brings the total to (6) for our department. Following the current “Ice Rescue/Recovery” SOP we have placed (2) Ice Rescue Suits on all of the front line engines. In the future, our goal is to purchase (2) more Ice Rescue suits that would be placed on “Brush 1” (Hummer).
To: All Personnel
From: Training Division
Date: 12-11-2012
Re: Online Boating Safety Course date extension

Before choosing the Online Boating Safety course meetings were held with the U.S. Coast Guard (Michigan City) and the Indiana DNR in regards to what kind of certified/documented courses are offered to fire departments in boating safety.
They offered classes similar to the online course but nothing designed for fire departments. After the meetings it became apparent that it would be unrealistic to arrange a class at Valparaiso Fire Department and the logistics of arranging personnel to attend a class. The online course became the front runner.
Prior to issuing the online course we checked with Ron (our I.T. guy) from City Hall about the compatibility. An explanation was posted on November 12th on our Intranet page. Please refer to the posting it explains in detail about the known “bug” with Explorer 9 and our computers. New information is added to our Intranet site on a regular basis. Please check it out.
After issuing the Online Boating Safety Course we have received a variety of comments and reactions. Happy to say it’s been positive in nature. The only negative reaction has been frustration because of the compatibility issue of our computers and personal computers. Nobody has refused, complained or has given up on the course and for that thank you.
A common question we received is about the material its self. “It’s not pertinent to firefighting and our department”. In regards to the material there is some validity to that statement but in regard to being pertinent to our department they couldn’t be more wrong.
If you view our boating operations from a liability point of view we do not have any certified/documented boat training on record. We are covered with Haz-Mat, Confined Space, and EMS to name a few but when it came to our boat operations nothing. The Online Boating Safety Course is both federally and State approved that offers a documented certificate which the department can provide if needed.
As we enter a different approach to our training the computer is an efficient and cost effective way to approach training. It will never replace the hands on training but it does have its place within our department.
Due to a variety of reasons we have determined to again extend the completion date and offer help to those who need it. The new date will be set for the 02-28-2012.
If anybody needs help, has questions or comments please call me (508-5670) I will help anybody that asks.
Thank you for your patience during our first online training and hopefully after reading this memo you will come to understand the relevance of this course.
To: All Personnel
From: Training Division
Date: 12-8-2012
Re: “Company Op’s” Training Page.

This Memo is to introduce you to a new page that has been added to our Intranet site.
The new page is labeled “Company Op’s”.
Company Op’s was developed to provide standardized training on a variety of subjects but its main focus will be our tools and equipment.
As the page develops it will provide us a library of training material to choose from. Officers can pull specific material for company training or senior firefighters can use it as an aid to show new recruits how our tools and equipment are to be used. Whichever way the material is used the advantage of this new page is that each member of this department will be trained with the same prescribed material.
The result is standardization which leads to safety and professionalism.
Please check it out and provide constructive feedback. (good or bad)
To: All personnel
From: Training Division
Date: 11-26-2012
Re: Online Boat Safety Course

We understand that some are having difficulty with the Boating Safety Course.
The main issue that I have heard occurs near or at the end of the course and test. None of the information gets saved after going through the section. The computer kicks you back to the beginning without saving the test results.
This is a known “bug” as the Online Course calls it. The problem has to do with Explorer 9 and the Course.
It has nothing to do with the F.D. computers. I confirmed this with Ron Z from the City I.T. Department. The Boat Safety Course recognizes the problem and explains how to fix the situation at the beginning of the course.
The solution is to hit the compatibility icon located in the upper right corner before each section.
(Example of icon)
This will allow for the Explorer 9 program to be compatible with the Online Course.
This will fix the “bug” problem, I have seen it work. Hopefully this memo will assist in relieving any frustration someone might have.

Due to the difficulties that have occurred we will be extending the November Boat Handling/Terminology “Block” training to the end of December. We would like your copy of the certificate to be handed in to your Battalion Chief prior to December 31.
We have been asked several times about the relevancy of this course. There are areas of the course material that may not pertain to us, but the course as a whole we feel does.
This training allows the department the ability to show/provide documented training, should an unforeseen incident occur while operating our rescue boat.
The Online Safety Course provides us with documentation approved by the State of Indiana and the Coast Guard. One benefit is no cost and each person can learn at their own pace.
We realize this is our first attempt at an online course. It can get frustrating. All in all the response to the Online Course has been positive. We appreciate your efforts in continuing to complete this course. If any assistance is needed please contact me. (508-5670)
To: All Personnel
From: AC Arnold
Date: November 13, 2012
Re: Porter – Urgent Care Center

I was informed today by the Porter Regional Hospital administration, that they have opened an Urgent Care Center at 1900 Roosevelt Road in Valparaiso. Currently, the hours of operation are 1700 – 2100 hrs (Mon - Fri) and 0900 – 2100 hrs (Sat – Sun).

There is certainly a possibility that “sick” patients may show up at the facility which will necessitate care beyond their capability. These patients will require further treatment in the Emergency Department and will be transported by our department through the 9-1-1 system. Patients being directly admitted to Porter Regional Hospital will be transported by Porter EMS.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

To: All Personnel
From: DC Weber
Date: 8-19-2012
Re: SCBA confidence Trailer/Lock-out-tag-out Training

Dates and times have been confirmed for SCBA confidence/Lock Out-Tag Out training.
On the dates of August 27th, 28th, 29th at the Union Hall starting at 0900
Niles Safety will provide their Mobile Interactive Training Simulator, (MITS) and set it up for an SCBA confidence course along with conducting a Lock Out-Tag Out class.
The Lock Out Tag Out training will be tailored to meet the needs of our day to day operations.
The MITS is to be used as a tool to develop confidence in our SCBA’s. Each Officer is to make sure each F/F gets through the course and feels comfortable with their gear and ability.
Good money was spent brining Niles Safety to VFD please get the most out of it.
DC Weber
To: All Personnel
From: AC Arnold
Date: August 16, 2012
Re: AmbuPro – NEMSIS Fields

Beginning on Monday, August 20th the following NEMSIS data fields will be conditionally mandatory based on patient transport. Hopefully all of you have familiarized yourselves with these new fields per the earlier memo on 8/1/12. All of these fields will be contained in the narrative tab of AmbuPro and can be accessed in the NEMSIS section (bottom right corner).

• NEMSIS>>>Incident>>>Vehicle Dispatch Location (Where you responded from)
• NEMSIS>>>Incident>>>Response Mode To Scene
• NEMSIS>>>Incident>>>Complaint Reported

• NEMSIS>>>Patient>>>Race (Currently Mandatory on Transports)
• NEMSIS>>>Patient>>>Ethnicity (Currently Mandatory on Transports)

• NEMSIS>>>Other>>>Final Disposition
• NEMSIS>>>Other>>>Transport Mode

Once these fields are made mandatory, you will be unable to print your report until data is entered into the field (most are drop-down boxes). Please continue to check your reports for completeness by hitting the MANDATORY button on the top right of the PCR to check for incomplete mandatory fields. While I understand that this will increase the amount of time to complete our reports (should be minimal), it is important that we are sending accurate information down state, as this affects our ability to obtain grants and is required by IDHS.

To: All Personnel
From: AC Arnold
Date: August 2, 2012
Re: Popcorn Festival Sign-up

This year’s Popcorn Festival is approaching quickly, so we will need to start planning on the additional staffing for the day. Sign-up sheets are posted at each of the stations and will be divided into two shifts (Morning & Afternoon) as in the past. Please check your schedules and sign-up for one or both shifts (mark your preference with an *). C-Crew is scheduled for duty (September 8th) and shift change will occur at 0600 hrs. in order to accommodate the festival.

I would like to finalize the schedule at least one week prior so please plan ahead and sign-up no later than August 30th. This will allow adequate time to notify everyone of their assignment for the day. As always I appreciate everyone’s assistance and cooperation for this event. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks again!

To: All Personnel
From: AC Arnold
Date: August 1, 2012
Re: Porter Regional Hospital - Tours

The department has scheduled tours of the new Porter Regional Hospital on August 7-8-9 for our personnel. Due to the conflict with Picnic w/ a Firefighter, we are trying to reschedule another date (Aug. 14th ???) for B-Crew, but we are still awaiting approval from Porter’s staff.

Our goal is to tour the many areas of the new facility that will / may pertain to us including:

• Emergency Department
• Decon Area
• Re-Supply Area
• Fire Suppression Systems
• Electrical Systems
• Elevators
• Labor & Delivery Area

The tours are scheduled for 0900 hrs and 1300 hrs each day, and should be no longer than 2 hours. They have requested that we park apparatus near the ED entrance located on the East side of the building. The BC’s will rotate the stations (two in the morning & one in the afternoon) so we can maintain coverage in the City / Township. If you have any questions or feel that a pertinent area has been left off, please let me know and I will try to make sure they are covered. Thank you.

To: All Personnel
From: AC Arnold
Date: August 1, 2012
Re: AmbuPro – NEMSIS Fields
Due to some changes from IDHS and our billing company, there are additional mandatory fields within the NEMSIS section of our reports that will need to be completed for export purposes. These fields will be highlighted in RED and will initially be “conditionally” mandatory for patients that are transported by the Valparaiso Fire Department. All of these fields will be contained in the narrative tab of AmbuPro and can be accessed in the NEMSIS section (bottom right corner).

• NEMSIS>>>Incident>>>Vehicle Dispatch Location (Where you responded from)
• NEMSIS>>>Incident>>>Response Mode To Scene
• NEMSIS>>>Incident>>>Complaint Reported

• NEMSIS>>>Patient>>>Race (Currently Mandatory on Transports)
• NEMSIS>>>Patient>>>Ethnicity (Currently Mandatory on Transports)

• NEMSIS>>>Other>>>Final Disposition
• NEMSIS>>>Other>>>Transport Mode

Once these fields are made mandatory (middle of August) you will be unable to print your report until data is entered into the field (most are drop-down boxes). Please continue to check your reports for completeness by hitting the MANDATORY button on the top right of the PCR to check for incomplete mandatory fields. While I understand that this will increase the amount of time to complete our reports (should be minimal), it is important that we are sending accurate information down state, as this affects our ability to obtain grants and is required by IDHS.

Please familiarize yourselves with these new fields and begin completing them before they become mandatory in the next couple of weeks. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to go over any of the changes. Thank you.

To: All City Employees
From: Human Resources
Date: 7/20/2012
Re: Plan Amendment #9A

Effective July 1, 2012 the city amended the insurance plan document to include the $200 wellness benefit for out of network preventative services that were omitted in the September 1, 2011 revision.
This amendment is attached to this email. Thank you. 

Christine Hisick, Community & Staff Specialist
City of Valparaiso
166 Lincolnway, Valparaiso IN 46383
phone: 219.462.1161 email:

To: All Personnel
From: AC Arnold
Date: July 25, 2012
Re: Popcorn Festival - 2012

Due to the start time of the Popcorn Festival and associated events (Popcorn Panic – Run/Walk, etc.) the Administration and Local have once again agreed to an early shift change on the morning of September 8th, 2012.

- B-Crew personnel will be relieved at 0600 hrs.

- C-Crew personnel will report for duty at 0600 hrs. and be compensated (PAID) at 1 ½ times their hourly  rate for the 2 additional duty hours.

While I realize this may be an inconvenience to some, the early shift change will allow uninterrupted coverage for the Popcorn Festival and ensure the safety of our citizens and guests. This event will require numerous resources and the cooperation of all fire department personnel in order to be successful. For this reason, we are asking that you plan ahead and review the sign-up sheets that will be posted at both stations, for off-duty personnel interested in working this event.

Thank you all for your hard work and understanding. The department will pass along additional information regarding the event as it becomes available. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

To: All Personnel
From: AC Arnold
Date: June 13, 2012
Re: ALS Protocols

The new ALS protocols will take effect immediately following the placement of the new medications on our trucks. Due to the additional quantities of some medications, our drug boxes may need to be re-configured slightly so this process of putting the new meds on may take a couple of days. I anticipate having all trucks completed by Thursday, June 14th.

I am still waiting for an up-to-date copy of the new protocols from the EMS Academy, so a temporary copy of the older version will be on the trucks in the meantime. Please familiarize yourself with the med box / cabinet in the trucks and the location of the new / additional meds. New truck check forms / medication expiration forms will follow as they are adjusted to the new medication lists.

Thank you all for your patience as we worked through the protocol changes, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

To: All Personnel
From: Fire Department Administration
Date: 6/4/2012
Re: Quint Hose Load

There have been some recent discussions on the way we loaded the 3” hose on the Quint. We had it loaded so the female coupling was out first, which is more of a supply load. It was decided that it would benefit us more to have the male out first, which is more of an attack load.
Thanks to all for your forward thinking to make us more efficient and effective as a Fire Department.
To: All Personnel
From: AC Jacobs
Date: May 29, 2012
Re: Milwaukee Metal Cutting Saw

During our Extrication Training we learned many techniques and were shown some tools that could make us more efficient on an extrication scene. A couple of the tools that our members were really impressed with were the "Rescue Jacks" and "Milwaukee Metal Cutting Saw". Our goal is to secure funding to purchase the saws this year and the jacks in the near future.
Thank You

All personnel
From: DC Weber
Date: 05-18-2012
Re: School Bus Training

The Valparaiso School System has developed a training program on Special Needs School Bus Evacuation. We have been invited to attend.
The dates are;
June 20th - 9:00am to 2:00pm
June 21st - 9:00am to 2:00pm
June 22nd - 9:00am to 2:00pm

Lunch not provided but the time is-11am to 12pm.
The training will consist of some hands. on and getting familiar with special needs buses, emergency procedures, drivers protocols, child restraint systems and child behaviors we may encounter.
Training will take place at the School Bus Administration Building located at 55 Evans Ave. Chris Larr is our contact and has worked hard at developing this training program.
For more Department information and other confirmed dates of training go to our VFD Intranet site.
All Personnel
From: D/C Weber
Date: May 15, 2012
Re: Annual O’Hare Training Update

The dates for the O’Hare required training for 2012 are;
June 11th – Monday
July 18th – Wednesday
August 24th – Friday

If you are an Engineer with the Valparaiso Fire Department you are required to attend this training annually. Choose a day that is not your duty day the department will compensate you at a rate of 1 ½ times compensatory time. If the training day you choose is the day after your shift. You must also find coverage in the morning (prior to 8am). Compensatory time will not apply during this time due to it being considered a trade and as we all know the City does not recognize trades.
If scheduling will not allow you to choose a day when off duty, write a letter explaining your situation and a solution will be found. Other members that wish to attend may do so, but you will have to find your own coverage if the day selected falls on your duty day and again compensatory time will not apply.
We will provide the members with transportation.
If you plan on attending fill out a “Request for Schooling” form and return it to DC Weber as soon as possible. The sooner we advise Kyle Kuebler from the Porter County Airport of the amount of VFD members attending the better off everyone involved will be. There are several departments involved in the training and the Chicago Fire Dept allows a limited amount of personnel. As a reminder during training you will need complete set of Turn-out gear with mask and air-pack.
If you have any questions contact DC Weber.

To: All Department Personnel
From: Fire Department Administration
Subject: Uniform Policy
Date: May 7, 2012

During the last two months, I have had the opportunity to witness the following events in regard to uniforms:
1) A firefighter arguing with an officer after being requested to wear a buttoned badge shirt for an educational tour at the schools.
2) An officer admonishing a firefighter for not having a presentable badge shirt available for an educational tour, and then the next duty day the same officer wearing a golf shirt for an in-house educational tour while another officer was in a tee shirt during the tour.
3) The constant issue of personnel not having a presentable badge shirt available while on duty.
4) Personnel wandering the station with their boots unzipped, pants tucked into boots, and shirts not tucked in.

Obviously, my theory that parameters will be effective in regard to uniforms is not working to well and a more formal policy will need to be developed. To resolve this situation, Captain Walsworth, Captain Daly, and Captain Dutz have agreed to assist me in the development of a formal policy in regard to uniforms. In the interim, and until the final policy comes out, the following policy will be in place and all combat classified firefighters will adhere to said policy.

Interim Uniform Policy             Effective Date - - 5/14/12      For all Combat Classified Personnel

I. Class B Uniforms will consist of:
- A navy blue long sleeve or short sleeve buttoned shirt with appropriate badge
- Matching navy blue full length trousers (standard or utility style)
- Black plain toe duty shoes or black duty boots
- Black belt
- Black or navy blue socks unless duty boots are worn
- Department approved winter coat
- Department approved New York style pull over
- Department approved baseball style or stocking cap
* A gray long sleeve or short sleeve button up shirt with appropriate badge, gray New York style pull over for Battalion Chiefs

II. Station wear will consist of:

- Department approved navy blue tee shirts
- Department approved navy blue sweatshirts (pullover style no hoods or zippers)
- Department approved navy blue golf shirts
- Department approved navy blue shorts during approved times
- Black low cut tennis shoes
Gray tee shirts, golf shirts and sweatshirts will be substituted for Battalion Chiefs

III. Class B uniforms shall be worn year-round during the following times:
- During any in-house or off-site educational tour
- During off-site facility familiarization training visits
- In-house training sessions with outside instructors
- Off-site training sessions with outside instructors
- At other times or locations that Class B uniforms should be worn as a symbol of respect for an individual or location; examples are:
- Attending a funeral viewing
- Attending a meeting at City Hall
- When requested by a superior officer
- From September 1 through April 30, from the start of shift until the end of morning informational meeting

IV. Although never a substitute for Class B uniforms;
Shorts will be allowed as station wear from May 1 through August 31, provided they are the approved style and are worn with black low-cut tennis shoes with low cut socks. Bunker pants shall be worn over shorts when leaving the station for emergency responses. Personnel shall have a Class B uniform available to them at assigned station during all times while on duty, inclusive of traded time.

V. Additional Requirements:
- Shirts will be tucked in at all times
- Boots will be zipped with trousers outside the boot
- Uniforms will be clean, not recognizably faded, and for the most part wrinkle free
- Tee shirts shall be of matching color if worn under Class B shirt, golf shirt, or tee shirt
- Tee shirts shall be of matching sleeve length if worn under short sleeve Class B shirt, golf shirt, or tee shirt

To: All Personnel
From: AC Arnold
Date: May 7, 2012
Re: Glucometer Hi / Lo Checks

Effective immediately, daily Hi / Lo checks on the glucometer will no longer be necessary per the EMS Academy at St. Anthony Franciscan Health. We still must test the glucometers every Tuesday during truck check and every time a new box of test strips is opened.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

To: All Personnel
From: AC Arnold
Date: May 4, 2012
Re: ALS Protocols - Training

The EMS Academy has posted the 2012 Protocol Training on their website to be completed as the 2nd Quarter Grand Rounds. This PowerPoint presentation is narrated by Dr. Vuckovic and should be completed as “company training – self study” during the next two weeks. Following the scheduled Extrication Training, I will meet with each of the crews to review the changes and answer questions. I would ask that any questions that may arise, be submitted to me immediately after the training so I can have those answers for each of the crews when we meet.

I understand that we all have a lot on our plates this month, but we will need to make sure we are ready to roll-out the new protocols by June 1st. I appreciate everyone’s effort as we work through this busy month with scheduled training. Thank you all again!
**PowerPoint Presentation may be accessed on the “Desktop” of each station computer by the following path:
EMS Forms > SAMC > Grand Rounds > 2012 Protocol Update
**Please plan accordingly as this presentation may take @ 2 – 2 ½ hours to complete.

To: All Personnel
From: AC Arnold
Date: April 27, 2012
Re: ALS Protocols

During the monthly PCQI meeting at SAMC, Dr. Vuckovic announced the release of the new system protocols. We will begin training the first week of May which will include a PowerPoint presentation (wonderfully narrated by your Medical Director – Dr. Vuckovic) followed by a short test (for paramedics) which we will review prior to administration.

In the meantime, each of the stations will have a copy of the new protocols for review prior to starting the training. Our target date for completion and implementation will be the final week in May at which time we will operate fully under the new protocols. This training will take the place of the 2nd Quarter Grand Rounds.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

To: All Personnel
From: AC Jacobs
Date: April 27, 2012
Re: 2007 Seagrave Knox Box Key Log

We have tried recording the “Knox Box Key” in the ALS 2007 Seagrave a couple of different ways. We have found the current way of recording works well until the apparatus is removed from service for repairs etc. The decision has been made to keep a “Knox Box Key – Monthly Log” in the apparatus at all times. AC Arnold will remove the “Knox Box Key” column from the sheet in the ALS binder on the ALS Engine starting May 1, 2012. Please remember if the tag is broken to gain access to the Narcotics key or Knox key you will need to record it on the Knox Box Key Log.

Thank you in advance to correct any confusion with this issue in the future

To: All Personnel
From: A/C Dan Lamb
Date: April 18, 2012
Re: PC 911 Dispatching Changes

Effective Date: May 1, 2012
Changes will be:

1) Short Sequence Dispatch

a. Tone Alert
b. Department Name
c. Station Area
d. Priority – for EMS Type Calls Only
e. Call Type
f. Address or Location (business name if available)
g. Grid Number

2) Additional Information After Units Mark as Responding

a. Address or Location of Incident
b. Priority – EMS only
c. Age of Patient – EMS only
d. Status of Consciousness – EMS only
e. Status of Breathing – EMS only
f. Chief Complaint – EMS only
g. Hospital Diversions – if any
h. More info about Fire Conditions

3) 10 Minute Benchmarks - continued on back

a. After the first unit marks on scene dispatchers will time stamp that arrival time and then announce every 10 minutes the length of time on scene. OIC should acknowledge back with “Valpo Fire OK”
b. 10 minute benchmarks will end when the last unit clears scene or when the Incident Commander request termination of such notifications.

Hospital Diversion update –
As of the date of this change, we will no longer receive informational tones of hospital diversions. This information is to be provided to Valpo Fire Units after we have marked in route. This should be done for EMS calls only.
If anyone has questions please give me a call,
AC Lamb

To: All Personnel
From: AC Arnold
Date: April 6, 2012
Re: ALS Med Boxes

Due to the ongoing issues with the elastic bands, holding medication vials / ampules in our med boxes, we will be replacing them with a different type of insert. Unfortunately, we are unable to obtain the same type of inserts and don’t have many other options so this is the best solution for the department at this time.

Rescue 2818 med box has been changed and the other Rescues will follow as the new inserts arrive. Please see attached photos and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

To: VFD Firefighters
From: Training Division
Date: 1/8/12
Re: Acquired House for Training 

A house located at 505 Indiana (the code 505) has been acquired and set up for Company training. A variety of props have been installed for the following drills but not limited to;

Door Breach

(Please use the metal clad area when prying and insert wooden rod on the back side of the door)
Denver Drill

(Currently set up we can drill on it come spring. It requires window removal)

Nance Drill

(Below grade/basement extrication of downed victim)

Search and Rescue Drills
Communication Drills
Mayday Drills

Breathing Techniques (SCBA Low Air)

Collapse/Weakened floor Drill

If anyone has questions or wants help setting up scenarios call me (508-5670) and we can develop training that will maximize each skill set. I’m available anytime.

Future Plans

The owner has plans to tear down the house in the spring an exact date is unknown. We will have the opportunity to more destructive (fun) drills prior to demolition. In the mean time please do not perform any destructive drills.


Prior to setting up the home for training a primary safety check was performed. As of this memo the house is clear of wild animals, the structure is sound, some of the carpet has been removed, dangerous debris (glass, nails, etc..) on the floor has been removed.

Regarding asbestos the drills available are non destructive so if there was any asbestos it is not a concern at this time. The upstairs room in the Bravo/Charlie corner has an opening in the floor which is to be used for the Nance Drill. Do not use the basement it has low ceilings, uneven flooring, wet and just plain nasty.

Recognition needs to be given to Lt. Johnson for the heads up on finding 505 Indiana. Thank you for recognizing the opportunity and forwarding the information.

If anyone hears of training possibilities please forward the information to our new Training Division