Ranger Camp (7th & 9th Grade)


Rangers (grades 7 to 9) are on the move for 2016! This summer, the ranger group will be based out of Derby Downs instead of Kiwanis. They will have their own space located near the Day Camp shelter. This move will provide better access to facilities and equipment. Rangers will follow the DDC themes, but will continue to do activities as their own age group.

The Rangers will now drop off and pickup at the DDC! Each week the Rangers will do the same themes as DDC, but will be grouped with 7-9th graders. Ranger Camp is the perfect place for "tweens" to spend summer days!!


Grades: 7 - 9
Dates: June 6 - August 12
Days: Monday through Friday
Times: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
(see Before & After Care for extended hours)
Location: Program Center at Rogers-Lakewood Park


Rangers Camp registration fees are as follows:
  • Resident fee - $83 /


    / $98 (

    Inflatable week

    / Field trip week)
  • Non-Resident fee - $95/


    / $110 (

    Inflatable week

    / Field trip week)
The weekly registration fee includes activities and Friday lunch. The field trip week registration includes the field trip and lunch fee. Each camper will receive one camp shirt for the summer.

3 Field Trips

  • Jak’s Warehouse June 24th
  • Cinemark Theatres July 22nd
  • Washington Park Zoo July 29th

3 Inflatable Days

  • June 17th
  • July 15th
  • Aug. 12th

Bring a friend to camp Days

Dates: June 15th, July 6th, July 27th
Cost: $10.00 per friend

Bring your friend weeks:
If your friend decides to attend the rest of the week they may pay a discounted rate for the remainder days of camp that week!

2 Family Fun Nights

Families will enjoy a hay ride, make smores over a campfire, glow sticks, play camp games,
Dates: June 30th, July 28th
Cost: $5.00 per family

2016 Camp Themes

Week 1: Around the World in 5 days! (June 6 – June 10)
Welcome to Discovery Day camp! Get excited for an amazing summer with many fun activities and themes. This first week we are going on a trip around the world, so grab your suitcases and passports to get ready to go! Campers will do trivia on facts from different countries; have cooking experiences from all around the world and play sports and games from so many different places. Campers will make passports to take with them on their travels and airplanes to get them there! So join us on our trip of a lifetime!

Week 2: Sports Extravaganza (June 13 – June 17)
Let’s get ready to rumble! Campers will play different variations of their favorite sports, like crab soccer, around the world basketball, 1,3,5 Stay Alive, and more! Each group will create their own version of a favorite sports and compete with their friends. We will finish off the week out with the third annual DDC soccer tournament! Bring a friend on Wednesday and see some of the Valparaiso University Basketball Players! Go Crusaders! We will end the week with INFLATABLES so this is a week you won’t want to miss.
*Bring a friend to camp on Wednesday

Week 3 Off to the Funhouse! (June 20 – June 24)
Prepare yourselves for the greatest show on Earth! This week, campers will feel like they’re part of the carnival by playing games like ring toss and stacked bottles and enjoying homemade popcorn. We will also play life-sized versions of our favorite games, like Rock, Paper, Scissors, Guess Who, and PacMan. Campers will design their own funhouses and get ready for a day at Jak’s Warehouse!

Week 4: Mad Scientists! (June 27 – July 1)
Put on your lab coats and goggles because it is going to get messy at DDC! Campers will explore the field of science by doing experiments like elephant toothpaste, moon sand, and bouncy balls. We will build our own boats and rocket ships too! Maybe we’ll land on the moon! Family Fun Night: June 30th

Week 5 Holiday World! (July 5 – July 8)
Snowball fights in July? You bet! Campers will celebrate some of their favorite times of the year all within one week! We will go through all holidays in just five days; we will do mummy races, sing carols, make Cupid’s arrows, and celebrate with confetti poppers! So get your costumes, Santa hats and American flags ready for that week because you have a lot to look forward to! No camp on July 4th. Bring a friend to camp on July 6th!

Week 6: Wet and Wild Summer! (July 11– July 15)
Things are getting wet and wild at DDC this week! The summer is getting hot but we know how to beat the heat! Trips to the beach, water balloon games, and a water extravaganza will keep us cool! We will have a sand castle contest and of course, bring out the famous DDC slip-N-slide! We will end the week with INFLATABLES!
*Bonus Campers in grades 5 through 9 will swim at Valparaiso University on July 13th (additional fee & limited space)

Week 7: Time Travelers! (July 18 – July 22)
Grab your time traveling machines and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! We will sail the high seas as pirates, looking for treasure on a scavenger hunt and living the ship life with games such as hit the deck and hook toss! We will ride off into the sunset as cowboys and cowgirls in the Wild West, roping some cattle and cooking on the open fire! We may even travel forward in time and explore what the future may hold for our time traveling campers! End of the week we will enjoy an entire theater to ourselves at Cinemark Theaters in Valpo.
*Bonus Campers in grades 1 through 4 will swim at Valparaiso University on July 20th (additional fee & limited space)

Week 8: Welcome to the Jungle! (July 25 – July 29)
Grab your backpacks and your binoculars because we are going on a wild safari adventure! Campers will engage in activities such as animal relays, face painting, charades, and animal trivia. They will venture into the heart of our jungle by journeying on safaris; binoculars included of course! End the week with a fun field trip to Washington Park Zoo. Family Fun Night: July 28th
*Bring a friend to camp on Wednesday

Week 9: Lip Sync! (Aug 1 – Aug 5)
The most exciting week throughout summer is our Lip Sync Week! Campers learn and practice their group dances to their favorite songs, and make props throughout the week for the big night. Your family and friends come out to be the audience, and you are the star on Thursday night!!

Week 10: We are Family! (Aug 8 – Aug 12)
Another summer is coming to an end! Let’s celebrate all of the memories and friends we have made! Campers will work as a team to complete challenges like the Human Knot, three-legged races, and obstacle courses. We will make banners and artwork to celebrate that we are all one big DDC family! We will end the week with INFLATABLES!

Sample of Lip Sync Week!!

Pioneer Camp Lip Sync 2012

New Special Event Information

  • 3 Field Trips
      • Jak’s Warehouse June 24th
      • Cinemark Theatres July 22nd
      • Washington Park Zoo July 29th
  • 3 Inflatable Days
      • June 17th
      • July 15th
      • Aug. 12th
  • Swimming @ Valparaiso University
      • July 13th Grades 5-8 Open Swim (50 Kid Max)
      • July 20th Grades 1-4 Instructional Swim Session (30 Kid Max)
  • Bring a Friend to Camp Days
      • June 15th
      • July 6th
      • July 27th
  • Family Fun Nights
      • June 30th
      • July 28th
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