All billing for trash service from Valparaiso Public Works will appear on your bill from Valparaiso City Utilities. For those residents inside city limits that do not have city water service, please contact Utilities at 219-462-6174 to set up billing for trash service.

Regular Residential Trash Rates

The cost of weekly trash pickup for city residents is $12 per month. This rate is for pickup of one trash can, either 48 or 96 gallons. Residential customers may not opt out of the trash fee.

In order to minimize the amount of waste that is land-filled, the city encourages residents to take advantage of recycling service. Public Works provides a 96-gallon yellow-topped recycling tote for your convenience. Recycling pick-up is included in your weekly service at no additional charge.

Business Rates

Businesses choosing to contract with the city for trash removal are billed $15 per 96-gallon can per month and may have up to 3 cans. Businesses requiring more than 3 cans must contract with a private waste hauler.

Low-Income Rates

Those residents or households who qualify may apply for a reduced rate for trash pickup of $6 per month. To qualify as a "low income resident", a refuse/garbage customer must have an income level no greater than 150% of the federally established poverty guidelines. A single person household would qualify with an annual income of $17,655 or less. A two-income household qualifies if the combined income is $23,895 or less.

To request an application, please contact our office at 219-462-4612. You may also access a
printable form online to submit.

Additional Disposal Rates

Unless it is a Spring/Fall Clean Out Weeks, any items outside your can will require notification of our office at 219-462-4612 or online.

Residents who require extra pickup of trash may request this on their regular pickup day.  For those residents who consistently have overflow, we will provide a second trash can and you will be charged an additional monthly rate of $9 per can per month. (Two 96-gallon trash cans would incur a $21 per month charge, three cans would be $30, etc.)

Construction debris, carpet, and other household debris up to three cubic yards will also be picked up on your collection day. Debris must be contained and carpet must be rolled in sections; carpet rolls and lumber may be no longer than 4 feet. Extra pickups will be assessed by a manager, and any pickup of more than one cubic yard will incur a rate of $15 per cubic yard. If you will be generating more than 3 cubic yards of trash, you must contact a private waste hauler and arrange for roll-off/Dumpster service. The city does not provide Dumpsters at this time.