Frequently Asked Questions

Can I 'Flag' or 'Wave' Down a Bus If I Am Alongside a Street Which the Buses Go Down?

No. The V-Line only stops to pick up or drop off passengers at designated V-Line bus stops.

What Is a Deviation?

The V-Line is a deviated-fixed route. This means that our buses have set routes around town; however, they may 'deviate' or leave the route to drop off or pick up passengers. There are a few restrictions to the deviations. They cannot go further than 3/4 mile from the route, there can only be one deviation per hour, and deviations must be scheduled 24 hours in advance. To view the deviation policy CLICK HERE.

Can I Schedule a Deviation?

Yes! Anyone is eligible to schedule a deviation. You must complete the application prior to scheduling any deviations. Locations of the deviations must be 3/4 mile or less from a scheduled route and there can only be one deviation per hour. Deviation scheduling is on a first-come-first-serve basis. For the deviation application, CLICK HERE.

What Is a Transfer & How Do I Use It?

Transfers are a way for riders to get from one area of town to another. For example, if you are picking up the Yellow Route on the west side of town, but would like to go to the Target on the east side of town, you could transfer from the Yellow Route onto the Green Route since the Yellow does not go to Target but the Green does. On your way back, you could then transfer from the Green to the Yellow. There are two transfer locations: The Heart Center on Roosevelt and at the corner of Indiana and Michigan.

Can I Bring Luggage or Bags Onto the Bus?

Yes, you may bring up to one bag/luggage item onto the bus. Any bags you bring on-board must not prevent any other passenger from the use of a seat next to you. If you have large luggage, you may be asked to place your luggage at the rear of the bus in order to keep the aisle and seats open.

Where Can I Buy a Monthly Pass? What Do I Get With a Monthly Pass?

Currently, V-Line monthly passes are only available at Valparaiso City Hall. Open M-F 8:30 AM-4:30 PM. Each monthly pass is good for unlimited rides for one individual for the entire calendar month. Reduced fare passes are available for individuals with a disability. To be eligible for a reduced fare, riders must complete the reduced fare application which requires a signature by your doctor and submit it to the City of Valparaiso.