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The Anco Project
July 14--sign for Dash transit center
In early 2017, the former ANCO windshield wiper manufacturing site on the south side of the city was purchased by the Valparaiso Redevelopment Commission for the purpose of creating a new transit center and expanded parking for the ChicaGO Dash commuter bus service. Before the Commission purchased this property, the site was underused due to various environmental challenges that financially discouraged private sector investment. As part of this redevelopment project, the Commission is mitigating environmental challenges, completing public improvements, constructing a transit center, and selling remaining buildings to developments consistent with redevelopment goals. 

The Commission received a grant from the Regional Development Authority to help fund the project. By providing a new transit center and parking lot, the Commission hopes to increase ridership on ChicaGO DASH buses and add to quality of life in Valparaiso. You can view a presentation regarding ANCO redevelopment plans here. A survey report about the DASH program and the accompanying presentation are also available. A picture tour of the ANCO building is available here.

In early 2018, the Redevelopment Commission put out a Request for Proposals (RFP) to begin development of the ANCO Redevelopment Area. The Commission received three responses to the RFP, copies of which can be found on the "RFP Parcel Information" tab. On May 10th, 2018, Commission staff recommended that the Commission enter into negotiations with respondent Flaherty & Collins Propertiesand their proposed tenant: Journeyman Distillery.

ValpoNet Fiber Infrastructure

In 2014, it was discovered that a lack of diverse fiber connectivity in Valparaiso kept local businesses from expanding and made relocation challenging for businesses with high bandwidth requirements. Based on this discovery, the City of Valparaiso decided to invest in the installation of a vendor-neutral, dark fiber infrastructure through the construction of ValpoNet.  Installation of this dark fiber network will provide ample cost effective fiber connectivity throughout Valparaiso. By providing high speed, secure connections for local businesses, the Redevelopment Commission hopes to attract more businesses to the area, and retain businesses with growing connectivity needs. To discover more about this project, you can visit the ValpoNet website here. The ValpoNet network went live on May 14, 2018. Contact: Patrick Lyp
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Education Challenge Grants

Valpo high

In 2011, the RDC began issuing Education Challenge Grants to the Valparaiso School Corporation and East Porter School Corporation. The purpose of these grants is to reimburse the schools’ expenditures on capital purchases that enhance student’s problem solving, collaboration and analytical skills. Historically, grant funds have been used to purchase Chromebooks, iPads, lab equipment, makers space materials, and other technology-based, collaborative materials that will give students an edge in the global economy. In 2012 the program won the Local Government Cooperation Award from the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns. The most recent policy statement can be found here

Sign Grants

In 2017, Valparaiso’s Redevelopment Commission started the Sign Grant program, which reimburses Calumet Avenue establishments up to $15,000 for replacing pole signs with new signage. This program is intended to beautify Calumet Avenue, incentive local business owners and organizations to further invest in our community, and achieve compliance with current zoning standards. To apply for a Sign Grant, a business or organization located along Calumet Avenue must submit two quotes from signage companies for the demolition of their current pole sign and the cost of a replacement conforming sign. The Commission will consider the cost of two quotes and may choose to award a Sign Grant to the applicant. Grant recipients will be reimbursed for the first $10,000 in expenditures and half of the next $10,000 in expenditures, with a maximum reimbursement of $15,000.  The Commission may also choose to reimburse additional funds on a case-by-case basis. The Sign Grant policy can be found here, and the 2018 application can be found here

Sign Grant after photo, 707 Calumet

Industrial Parks Development

Garmong 1A_med

In October 2015, the RDC partnered with Garmong Construction to begin development of a "shell building" with the hopes of attracting larger companies to the area. The Garmong building sits on 8 acres of land and is 80,000 square ft. It is designed to fit a variety of industries including light industrial, manufacturing, general, medical and warehouse/distribution. There is also a 10 year tax abatement in place for the site. The building was completed in 2017. A brochure about the Garmong building can be found here. Contact: Patrick Lyp