Workers repairing sidewalkThe City of Valparaiso Pathways Program encourages pedestrian and pedal travel throughout the city as an automobile alternative. Furthermore, the Fit City initiative stresses walking as one of the easiest ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The Department of Public Works reinforces this commitment to both the environment and its residents with an aggressive sidewalk repair program, addressing aging sidewalks throughout the city.

Sidewalk Replacement

Valparaiso Public Works has assessed every city sidewalk, rating them according to condition. The city started replacing the worst of these where the concentration was greatest, in the older parts of town south of the Canadian National tracks and east of Morgan Boulevard. Replacement will continue, replacing the worst rated sidewalks first. Our main focus is replacing existing sidewalks, however small missing sections may be added in high traffic areas as long as drainage and access are not adversely affected.

Because of the scope of needed repairs, work is limited by available time and funding. Property owners who wish to make repairs themselves may do so by entering into a cooperative agreement with Valparaiso Public Works. Read more...