Leaf Pick-Up

leaf vac 

 Guidelines for Leaf Pickup


  •  Please check the city's Facebook page (Valparaiso Now) or local papers for Fall pickup start and end dates.
  •  Fall leaf season is the only time leaves may be left loose at the curb.
  •  Leaves should be the only thing in the pile – no sticks, bricks, boards, or other items
  •  If you wish to bag your leaves, please use biodegradable paper bags and place them curbside for pickup. Residents may also take bagged leaves to the compost site located at 2150 W. Lincolnway.
  •  We do not service alleys for leaf pick-up with the vacuums. If you wish to have leaves picked up in an alley, we ask that they are bagged in biodegradable bags, and will be collected by brush trucks.
  •  Keep in mind, during leaf season there are fewer crews to pick up brush and bagged leaves. Residents are welcome to  take bagged leaves and brush to the compost site at 2150 W. Lincolnway.
  • Spring leaf pickup is limited. There is no advertised schedule for Spring leaf pickup.

What happens to all those leaves?

Leaves picked up by Public Works are taken to the city-owned, state-sanctioned composting facility located at 2150 W. Lincolnway. This compost is available to city residents.