Valparaiso Residential Market Analysis

The City of Valparaiso commissioned a Residential Market Analysis in 2020 to provide City Decision makers, stakeholders, developers and community members with a comprehensive and meaningful data to establish a baseline of existing housing stock for current and future residential needs in Valparaiso. The Residential Market Analysis builds upon previous planning efforts and other relevant studies completed by the City, Porter County and other local/regional partners. This Market Analysis includes an in-depth look at Valparaiso's present housing stock, affordability and forecast of future needs and demands for Valparaiso Residential Market. The Market Analysis provides proposed housing strategy recommendations for the coming years to promote a healthy and balanced housing market. 

To view the Residential Market Analysis & Housing Strategies 2020-2030, click the link below or click here. To view the full Residential Market Analysis Document, click the image to the right or click here.