Before the Ambulance Arrives

How You Can Help
After you have called 9-1-1, there are some things you can do before help arrives:

  • If you determine that the patient doesn't have a pulse and is not breathing, begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but only if you have been trained in this life-saving technique. All of the dispatchers at Porter County Dispatch are certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers and can provide CPR instructions over the phone until the Paramedics arrive.
  • If possible, gather all of the medication the patient may be taking. This will help the emergency service providers better determine the medical history of the patient.
  • If possible, move all furniture or obstacles out of the way so that the Paramedics have easy access to the patient. Secure pets in another area of the house.
  • If possible, assist the arriving Paramedics by turning on the outside lights and having someone standing at the curb to direct them. This is especially important in multi-unit buildings or remote locations.
  • Stay calm. This will reassure the patient that help is on the way.