Smoke Alarms / Out To Alarm Valpo

smoke alarms

"Out to Alarm Valpo" Program
The Valparaiso Fire Department installs smoke alarms, free of charge for residents who live in the City of Valparaiso or Center Township, that need working smoke alarms in their home. If you are in need of a smoke alarm, fill out the 
Smoke Alarm Request Form and someone from the Valparaiso Fire Department will make contact with you to set up a time to install the alarm(s). You may also call at 219.548.4849 or email for assistance with the smoke alarm program. 
On all routine and emergency responses, fire department personnel can check to ensure that residents are protected by a working smoke alarm. If a battery is dead or missing, it can be replaced. If a smoke alarm is not present, or is not operable, a new alarm can be installed at no charge.  All Valparaiso firefighters are trained in installing smoke alarms and we carry kits on each of our Fire Engines to do the installation.
Recommended Smoke Alarm Installation Locations