Plans, Policies & Regulations

  1. Airport Zone Development Plan

    View the City of Valparaiso's Airport Zone Development Plan for the Porter County Municipal Airport.

  2. Annexation Policy

    Read information about the process of annexing several sections outside of Valparaiso city limits.

  3. Code of Ordinances

    View the City of Valparaiso's Code of Ordinances.

  4. Comprehensive Plan

    View details of the comprehensive plan, which documents the strategies of the ongoing planning and development.

  5. Envision Valparaiso 2030 Plan

    Find information on the plan including a comprehensive plan and growth management plan maps.

  6. Sign Standards

    Access information about the city's sign regulations.

  7. State Route 49 Corridor Plan

  8. Unified Development Ordinance

    View resources such as the zoning map, development ordinance, and previous ordinances.