Fire Suppression Rating

ISO - Fire Protection Class Rating

As of September 2017, the Insurance Service Office (ISO) has rated the City of Valparaiso a fire protection class 2. This is a tremendous accomplishment since Valparaiso is now only the 8th community in the State of Indiana to earn this rating. 

Scores are based on the following:

  • 10% on dispatch capabilities
  • 40% on water supply
  • 50% on fire department performance

City Rating Improvements

The City of Valparaiso's rating has improved because of several factors:

  • Additional department manpower / training
  • Addition of a one-million gallon water tower
  • Consolidating the 9-1-1 center with the county
  • Enhanced communication between the City Utilities - Water Division and the Fire Department
  • Enhanced firefighting equipment
  • Fire hydrant additions / replacements
  • Mapping / database system that covers the entire city
  • Multiple water main replacements
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system to monitor / control the water system
  • Upgrades at both water plants

Insurance Premium Savings

Valparaiso's residential and business property owners may save on their property insurance premiums based on the city's improved fire rating. Savings will vary depending on factors, such as your insurance company, the value of your property, and your proximity to a fire hydrant. Check with your insurance provider for additional information regarding your insurance premiums and the city's ISO rating.

Center Township ISO Rating

Any home within 5.5 miles from a fire station or 1000' from a hydrant will receive a Class 2 City or Township. Areas that don't meet this will fall into the split rating which remained the same.  
ffective June 1, 2008 the fire suppression rating for Center Township Porter County has changed from a 6/9 to a 3/8B. For more information please call the Valparaiso Fire Department at 219.462.8325 or the Valparaiso City Utilities at 219.462.6174 ext. 1319.

Washington Township ISO Rating
Effective August 25, 2014, the fire suppression rating for Washington Township Porter County has been given the classification of 05/5Y. For more information please call the Washington Township Fire Department at 219.464.3015 or the Valparaiso City Utilities at 219.462.6174 ext. 1319. CLICK HERE to view / download the ISO Classification Letter.