Facility Components

Facility MapDesign & Application
The Valparaiso Pathways and Greenways system will comprise many different facility components. These will include the trail or pathway itself, supporting infrastructure such as trailheads, signage, etc.

Also, the design and applications of the use of landscape plantings, fencing, lighting, emergency phones, design and details of intersections and crossings, etc., will enhance the trail system. Trail signage and kiosks are also a vital component of the trail system. Standardization of the graphics / logos is recommended as well as the use of such signage to provide directions and information. 

On-Trail Components
The locations of trailheads and their related elements would best be placed in common areas such as parks, schools, churches, etc. They should have ample visibility and necessary infrastructure elements such as utilities, lighting, parking, etc.

Other on-trail components (i.e., landscape plantings, fencing, lighting, etc.) should be designed and used for best compatibility with the adjacent land uses and neighbors. Samples of conceptual design for a typical trailhead and rest station were prepared as part of this study. An illustration of these concepts is shown above.