Activation Conditions
The Contact, Assistance, and Referral (CARE) program will be activated any time any one of the following conditions exist:
  • Any weather condition exists that threatens the health and safety of identified individuals or groups. These may include but will not be limited to:
    • Damaging winds
    • Earthquakes
    • Heavy rains / flooding
    • Ice storms
    • Severe thunderstorms
  • Conditions that may threaten the health or safety of the identified individuals or groups such as:
    • Hazmat spills / incidents
    • Natural or man-made catastrophic events
    • Power outages
  • At the direction of the emergency management coordinator during periods when the Emergency Operations Center has been activated
  • At the direction of the director of public safety / chief law enforcement officer or any division commander
  • The heat index, a combination of air temperature and relative humidity, exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit for two consecutive days
  • The air temperature falls below five degrees Fahrenheit for two consecutive days
  • There is a snow accumulation of six inches within a 24-hour period
The Valparaiso Care Program will be coordinated through the community relations division coordinator.
More Information
The Community Relations Division will be responsible for activating the program when these conditions exist. For additional questions, please contact the Police Department by calling 219.462.2135.