V-Line Guidelines

Transportation Safety

Rider safety, respect for other riders and the driver, and reducing driver distractions are very important in providing all with a reliable, convenient, and safe V-Line experience. To ensure that the V-Line continues to run smoothly and safely to all destinations on its route, please adhere to the following V-Line rules and safety guidelines:

  • Abusive, disorderly conduct or profanity will not be tolerated; intoxicated or disruptive passengers may be removed from the V-Line.
  • Always wait until the V-Line has come to a complete stop before entering or exiting.
  • Be courteous and respect others.
  • Do not board the V-Line until all those exiting are off.
  • Do not smoke on the V-Line.
  • Do not use radios, tape players, CD players, or MP3 players unless earphones are used; keep the volume low so as not to distract others.
  • Keep your head and hands inside the V-Line at all times.
  • Leave your pets at home; only service animals accompanying passengers with disabilities may be permitted on the V-Line.
  • Listen to the V-Line driver for important announcements.
  • Respect federal law that requires all riders to stand behind the white or yellow standee line.
  • Store all articles out of the aisle.
  • Wait until the V-Line has completely left the stop before crossing the street.
Violating the Code of Conduct may result in suspension from the V-Line bus services.

Information regarding V-Line and ChicaGO DASH policies may be found on the Documents page.

For More Information

For more information about V-Line services, please call 219.476.9393.