Building Permit Fees

The following information is provided in the City of Valparaiso Code of Ordinances, 150.05 - Building Permit Fee Schedule.

New Construction

Fees will be assessed based on the current building value data (BVD) as provided by the International Code Council. The permit fee is established by using the BVD table and a permit fee multiplier. The permit fee multiplier is based on the total new construction value within this jurisdiction for the past year.

Inspection Fees

Single-family residence$100
Two-family dwellings$150
Multi-family dwellings (per building)$100 plus $25/Unit
Commercial / industrial$200
Missed inspection fee$100
Re-Inspection fee$25
Weekend/After Hours fee$50
Additional Inspections fee$25/inspection

Other Fees

No permit penalty50% of permit cost
Certificate of occupancy$25
Temporary certificate of occupancy$25
Foundation release permits$25

Electrical Upgrade Permit

Up to 200 amps$35
More than 200 amps$55
Temporary service$35


This includes all remodels, alterations, and miscellaneous construction including but not limited to decks, porches, pools, signs, and fences. The permit fee is based on the cost of the project.

Permit fee
  • $5 / $1,000 for first $10,000
  • $3 / $1,000 for $10,000 or more
Inspection fee
  • 10% of permit fee
  • $25 minimum and $175 maximum