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April 20, 2020 5:34 PM

Chicago Dash COVID 19 suspension of service update 4/29/2020

I am writing you to inform you that the city will Extend the suspension of the Chicago Dash service through the month of April. We have all intentions of resuming service on May 4th in a limited capacity of at least 2 buses and the South Shore connect to assist riders that cannot accommodate the service times that will be implemented. Route time will be announced closer to that time frame. All fares for the month of May will continue to be free. The Dash Ticket office will remain closed until further notice.
If you have purchased a monthly pass for the month of May. Do not activate it until the first of June and it will be good for the entire month of June.
You may contact me at with any questions you may have.
Please stay safe and healthy during this time as we work to bring service back to normal schedule in the near future. Please email me at if you will be returning to work on May 4th and what route times you prefer. I will take a tally of all received messages and decide on a schedule that best serves all riders. You must remain flexible as we work to restore service to normal departure and pickup times!
Thank you.

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