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April 30, 2020 10:40 AM

Chicago Dash Service Suspension Update 4/30/2020

Chicago Dash Anticipated schedule to resume 2 routes on May 4th 2020.
As we anticipate lifting some route restrictions on the Chicago Dash and South Shore Connect. All decisions with follow guidance from the Governors of Indiana and Illinois.
With Indiana preparing to lift some stay at home orders and resume some services May 1st. Illinois has extended their state stay at home orders through May 31.
The City of Valparaiso would like to begin with 2 routes starting May 4th depending on available riders that will utilize the service. If you will be returning to work in Chicago starting on May 4th. Please email me so i can provide a number to our leadership that will sustain resuming some routes on that day.
Please email if you know what transit times you will be using and how many days you will commute. I will use this information to set 2 route times in and out of Chicago. This service will resume in stages to provide capacity on the coaches while maintaining social distancing measures during transit. PLEASE email me at if you will be commuting into Chicago the week of May 4th!...
The first row of seats on all buses with be restricted to help protect our drivers and provide a 6 foot distance from passengers during transit. All buses will be limited to 25 passengers leaving 1 person per seat row and restricted on each side of the bus for each rider to maintain a safe no contact distance from those that do not live in your household and have been quarantined with you during this stay at home order. I ask that we work together to ensure the safety and health of each other and our drivers during this time.
All fares will remain free to limit contact with the passengers and drivers through May 31.
Please email me with your schedule so we can work to returning our transit service to full operational capacity. Resuming service will ultimately depend on the direction of the Governor so service suspensions may be extended further depending on his direction.
Thank you all for your cooperation during this time. Be safe and stay healthy. Thank you!

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