Redevelopment Commission (RDC) Meetings  

  • 4:05PM (CDT) - Immediately Following Executive Session, whichever occurs later. 
  • Second Thursday of Each Month. 
  • If public hearing is held:

              City Hall - Council Chambers  

              166 Lincolnway 

              Valparaiso, IN 46383

  • If no public hearing is held, the RDC may rotate location(s) to include visits to local businesses. 

Agendas / Minutes
Agendas are available prior to commission meetings.
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Resolutions are available upon approval.
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Three members are appointed annually by the mayor. Two of the five voting Commission members are appointed by and from the City Council, and one non-voting member is appointed by the mayor from the school board.

Rob Thorgren, President 
Frank Dessuit, Representing Schools 
Barbara Domer, Vice President 
Patrick Lyp, Legal Counsel 
Bill Durnell, Secretary
John Nuppnau, Auxiliary Member 
Trish Sarkisian, Member
Spencer Skinner, Auxiliary Member
Robert Cotton, City Council Member 


This department utilizes the City Redevelopment Plans to develop various projects aimed at redevelopment in the City. A six member commission has authority to expend tax increment funds (TIF) for approved projects. The Executive Director coordinates the planning process between the Commission and various City Staff and is responsible for developing a budget for approved projects. The Executive Director works with the Mayor to seek grant funding for a project when appropriate.


Ordinance No. 23, 1993 - An ordinance to establish a Department of Redevelopment pursuant to IC 36-7-14. Passed November 22, 1993