Valparaiso School Board Appointment Process


Applicants must be 21 years of age and residents of the City of Valparaiso. The political
make up of the board requires at least one member from each party. This year, party
affiliation does not matter.

Application forms will be available on the city's website and at the City Hall Clerk's
Treasurer's office. Applications are due by 4 PM WEDNESDAY MAY 25 AT THE CITY
HALL CLERK/TREASURER'S OFFICE. No on-line applications will be accepted.
At the April 11 City Council meeting, Dr. Frataccia will deliver a State of the Schools
Report. A copy of that report will be available on the City's website. At the April 25 City
Council meeting, members of the community are invited to share their questions or
concerns about the short term, long term, and/or immediate goals of Valparaiso
Community Schools.

In executive session on June 1, the City Council will select five applicants to interview.
Finalists will be notified on Thursday, June 2. TWO INTERVIEWS with the candidates
will be held prior to regularly scheduled City Council meetings. In the first interview on
MONDAY, JUNE 13, City Council members will ask questions. The public may attend,
but may not participate. The second round of interviews will be on MONDAY, JUNE 27.
This special meeting will include questions from the public and will end with the City
Council's selection of the new VCS School Board Member.

Thank you for your interest in this process. City Council members consider this
appointment to be one of their most important responsibilities.

School Board Appointment Schedule

School Board Applicant Form