Local Funding Sources & Resources

Mayor & City Council
The mayor and City Council may supply direct funding and local matching for funds for state and federal grants. They may adopt regulatory measures for setbacks, open space requirements, and trail easements, and may adopt a Recreation Impact Fees Ordinance. They also may provide political support.
City Departments
The city departments are the Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Traffic / Streets, Utilities, Planning, and Engineering departments. Each department may coordinate the planning, land acquisition, implementation, and maintenance efforts among individual departments, which will lessen the financial burden of trail development on one department. This also includes alternative transportation efforts in each department.

Private Developers
With the inclusion of the trail / pathway standards, housing developers will be required to meet such standards as part of their development's Capital Improvement Program.

Tourism Agency
Tourism agencies may provide funds or services for promotion and publishing information regarding trails, routes, destinations, etc.

School Districts
School districts may provide funding for land for use as outdoor classrooms / labs and greenways.

Special Interest Groups
Special interest groups may collaborate funding with organizations with compatible interests.