Logos & Signage

Logo Design
The Valparaiso Pathways and Greenways System will best become known by its users through its usage. Early in the implementation of the system, a logo should be commissioned and used in identifying trail segments and the overall system.

Such logo design can be used to identify the Valparaiso Pathways and Greenways System in Valparaiso. The logo is a form of identity and marketing for the system. Naming trail segments and loops can be another form of marketing and identity.

Various Functions
The logo and signage will serve various functions, including identifying trailheads, providing direction and safety information, identifying segment names, and communicating unique information such as historic or interpretive uses (in the form of kiosks).

The Valparaiso Pathways and Greenways System should have its own identity in its graphics and logos, etc. Common regional logos and graphics should apply where the system extends to the adjacent communities and the trail systems.