Maintenance Guidelines

Maintenance and Management Policy
The Valparaiso Pathways and Greenways System will require both maintenance and management policy for its usage and operation. The city should establish maintenance policy and guidelines that would define responsibility and be used in the overall system.

Generally, the trail segment in the parks and open spaces will be the responsibility of the Parks Department (or jointly with the Utility Department, where applicable). Segments where the trails are within street rights of way will be part of the maintenance responsibilities of the Public Works Department.

Regular Maintenance
The Public Works Department's regular maintenance responsibilities include:
  • Assuring that there is positive drainage off of and away from the trail segment
  • Documenting regular inspection to limit risk and liability
  • Inspecting and replacing bicycle and pedestrian routes and roadway signs
  • Repairing cracks and holes in bicycle and pedestrian routes surface
  • Removing dead or dangerous tree limbs and regular pruning of vegetation along the bicycle and pedestrian routes
  • Removing snow and ice
  • Sweeping routes to remove loose gravel, sand, garbage, leaves, etc.
The city may wish to consider promoting an adopt-a-trail program where the adjacent property owners or businesses would become partners with the city in the maintenance of trail segments.