Below are the answers to the Fire Safety Quiz.

Question One
The amount of dollars lost each year to arson is $2 billion (answer three). However, the true total is undoubtedly higher.

Question Two
A fire-safe sitter needs to know your family's home fire escape plan. The family should review the home fire escape plan and explain the locations of all exits (especially from each child's room), safe meeting places, and trusted neighbors' homes, in the event of an emergency.

Question Three
Exposure to 156-degree water can cause a third degree burn in one second (answer one).

Question Four
Hot liquids cause 80% of burns to small children (answer three). Burns and scalds rank among the most serious and painful injuries. The majority of all burn injuries result from contact with scalding liquid, burning clothing, electricity / chemicals, or other materials.

Question Five
A five-pound ABC multi-purpose extinguisher can discharge completely in as little as 10 seconds (answer two). A five-pound ABC multi-purpose extinguisher is the recommended size and type for home use.