Station Tours

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Children at a station tour

Tours: Past & Present

The photo at right shows a 1970's Firefighter talking to local children about what it means to be a Firefighter.

Fire Safety Education and Prevention has always been important to us. The tradition of opening up our doors to the public for station tours and educating those of any age continue today. Technology, resources, and pre-hospital medical treatment has also added to the topics we discuss now-a-days. We'll gladly assist you!  Contact the department at 219.462.8325 for more information in scheduling a tour.

Please understand that the Firefighters that are giving your safety talk and/or tour are ON DUTY personnel and still promptly respond to 9-1-1 emergencies. Our primary goal is to save lives and property, at any time. While we strive to complete educational requests at the designated dates and times, sometimes we have to leave early / come late / are not able to attend and have to reschedule due to unfolding emergencies. Thank you for your understanding.