Valparaiso Creative District Plan

Creative District Plan 

The City of Valparaiso was a quarter-finalist of the America's Best Communities Competition (ABC Competition) and as a part of the competition the City of Valparaiso chose to develop a Creative District Plan. The district will be a place where the community comes together to create, explore, and celebrate arts, culture and innovation. It will help spur more downtown investment, be a geographical and organizational hub for arts and culture in the region. This plan document outlines a vision for the district with 34 supporting actions organized into three organization themes. 

To see the Creative District Plan document please click the following, Valparaiso Creative District Plan .

Themes of the Creative District Plan

1. Create 
Provide space, support and resources to assist artists and creators of all mediums in advancing their craft. 
2. Explore 
Promote the advancement of all forms of creativity through a variety of programming and opportunities to learn, teach and experiment. 
3. Celebrate 
Elevate arts and culture through increased visibility, communication and marketing of artists, events and activities. 

Illustration of Potential Build Out


Additional Information 

For more information about the Valparaiso Creative District Plan, please contact the Planning Department at (219) 462-1161 or .