K-9 Division

Officer Sobierajski and Vega Officer Kobitka and Kaiser Officer Nick Kobitka and Kaiser           
  Officer Ryan Sobierajski                                          
             and Vega                                         


Sgt. Todd Kobitz and Geist


Off Simpson and K9 Rico
  Lt. Jerame Simpson 
 and Rico

Dual Purpose Patrol Dogs
The Valparaiso Police Department currently utilizes six K-9 teams. All dogs are trained in narcotic detection, tracking, evidence location, handler protection, and suspect apprehension.  Each K-9 team participates in numerous weeks of training throughout each year and are certified by the North American Police Work Dog Association. Since the establishment of the program, the K-9 teams have contributed to numerous narcotic arrests and apprehension of subjects through their tracking skills.

Each K-9 is a sworn member of the police department and lives with the officer and their family. Constant attention is given to the health and care of the department’s dogs. 
Annual K-9 Race
The annual K-9 race for 2020 has been cancelled.  For more information contact Todd Kobitz at tkobitz@valpopd.com.
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