Tip 4-1-1

Tip 4-1-1

Tip 4-1-1 is a national program that encourages individuals to send crime tips through their cellular phone in a text message format. The tip is 100% anonymous and each tip is sent to an outside agency and then sent back to the Valparaiso Police Department. When the text message is sent to the department the tipster’s cellular phone number is completely deleted, making the message completely anonymous.

Police officers are immediately notified when a crime tip is sent and have the capability to reply back to the tipster to obtain additional information if needed. The crime tip is available to officers within minutes of it being sent.

Sending a Text Tip

When sending a text tip, individuals should dial 8-4-7-4-1-1, and in their cell phone message field enter the first word as “Valpo." Enter a space and then complete your tip in the message field. Once you've finished typing your tip, send the message. The tipster will receive a message confirming the text was sent properly.

The department recommends that individuals enter 8-4-7-4-1-1 into their cell phone as a contact to simplify the process of sending a crime tip.

Registering Your Phone

There is no fee to join, but you should check with your wireless carrier to see if additional costs occur for messages. All registration information is kept confidential, and you can unsubscribe at anytime. Register your phone.