Project Safe Way


In 2006, Project Safe Way was developed to help address community concerns regarding traffic complaints in residential neighborhoods. The program was announced to the public in a press conference held outside the Banta Center. Project Safe Way was designed for community members and police to partner together in an attempt to solve traffic complaints within targeted neighborhoods.

The Program
How the program works as follows:

  1. A traffic complaint is received by the police department.
  2. Information is gathered by police from the community member.
  3. A police officer makes contact with the community member to learn more information about the traffic complaint.
  4. An increase of traffic enforcement in the targeted area is conducted by police.
  5. An unofficial traffic study is reviewed on the average speed of vehicles and the number of traffic stops that were conducted during the targeted patrols.
  6. An officer will meet and update the community member that initiated the traffic complaint. An evaluation is completed to determine if the problem still exists.
  7. If the traffic problem still exists, other options are considered: the police department's radar wagon may be deployed in the area; yard signs may be used throughout the neighborhood; letters could be written to problem vendors in the area; additional enforcement may be assigned.

More Information
When officers team with community members in solving a problem, everybody wins! For more information about Project Safe Way ask us or call 219.462.2135.