Beware of Scams

Important Information
Protect yourself with these tips:
  • All residential solicitors must carry a license issued by City Hall, unless the organization is not-for-profit organization, when soliciting in the City of Valparaiso.
  • Always verify the organization before donating money and identify the caller.
  • Beware of contractors that randomly contact you for repairs they believe you may or may not need.
  • Check references and past work done by the contractor before agreeing to work being done.
  • If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.
  • Never provide bank account or credit card numbers over the telephone.
  • Never pay for a job in full until the work has been completed.
  • Never provide keys to contractors with free access to your property when you're not home. While work is being done, avoid leaving checks, credit cards, or cash laying around the house.
  • Never invite door-to-door solicitors into your house.
More Information
For more information on avoiding scams, just ask us.