Yellow Route

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The V-Line will help get you across town… and beyond! V-Line routes can take you to popular destinations around our city. Some routes encompass the Valparaiso University campus while others integrate with the NICTD service to get commuters to and from the South Shore station on time. Rely on the V-Line for a fast, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to meet your local travel needs.


Transfers allow you to make connections to all parts of the community. Ask for a transfer as you pay your fare. Transfers are FREE and are good for two hours to continue your trip. You cannot use a transfer to back track along a route you’ve already traveled. For example, if you are going north on Calumet, you cannot use the transfer for the next bus going south on Calumet.

Service will not be provided on the following days:

• New Years Day
• Memorial Day
• July 4th
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Christmas Day

For more information about V-Line services, please call 219.476.9393.

Yellow Route, Monday – Saturday (Effective 8/14/12)

 Chicago & Campbell 
 6:18AM 7:18a  8:18a 9:18a 10:18a 11:18a  12:18p 1:18p 2:18p  3:18p 4:18p 5:18p 6:18p 7:18 PM 
 Andover Apts. 
 6:28 AM  7:28a  8:28a 9:28a  10:28a  11:28a   12:28p 1:28p  2:28p  3:28p  4:28p  5:28p  6:28p   7:28 PM
 Campbell & Bullseye 
 6:31 AM  7:31a 8:31a  9:31a  10:31a  11:31a  12:31p   1:31p 2:31p  3:31p 4:31p  5:31p  6:31p  7:31 PM 
 Pointe Dr. 
 6:40 AM  7:40a 8:40a  9:40a  10:40a  11:40a  12:40p 1:40p  2:40p  3:40p  4:40p  5:40p  6:40p  7:40 PM 
 Social Security Office 
 6:42 AM
 7:42a 8:42a  9:42a  10:42a 11:42a  12:42p  1:42p  2:42p 3:42p  4:42p  5:42p  6:42p  7:42 PM 
 Vale Park Apartments 
 6:47 AM  7:47a 8:47a  9:47a  10:47a  11:47a  12:47p  1:47p  2:47p  3:47p  4:47p  5:47p  6:47p  7:47 PM 
 Wall Street & Valley
 6:49 AM  7:49a 8:49a  9:49a  10:49a  11:49a  12:49p  1:49p  2:49p  3:49p  4:49p  5:49p  6:49p  7:49 PM 
Housing Opportunities
 6:52 AM  7:52a 8:52a  9:52a  10:52a  11:52a  12:52p   1:52p 2:52p  3:52p  4:52p  5:52p  6:52p  7:52 PM 
 7:00 AM  8:00a 9:00a  10:00a  11:00a  12:00p 1:00p  2:00p  3:00p  4:00p  5:00p  6:00p  7:00p  8:00 PM 
 Town & Country Market 
 7:03 AM  8:03a 9:03a  10:03   11:03a 12:03p  1:03p  2:03p  3:03p  4:03p  5:03p  6:03p  7:03p  8:03 PM 
 Morgan & Jefferson 
 7:08 AM  8:08a 9:08a  10:08  11:08a  12:08p  1:08p  2:08p  3:08p  4:08p  5:08p  6:08p  7:08p  8:08 PM 
 Garfield & Lincolnway
 7:09 AM  8:09a 9:09a  10:09  11:09a  12:09p   1:09p 2:09p  3:09p  4:09p  5:09p  6:09p  7:09p  8:09 PM 
 Garfield & Union 
 7:11 AM  8:11a 9:11a  10:11  11:11a  12:11p  1:11p  2:11p  3:11p  4:11p  5:11p  6:11p  7:11p  8:11 PM 
 Union & College 
 7:12 AM  8:12a 9:12a  10:12  11:12a  12:12p  1:12p  2:12p  3:12p  4:12p  5:12p  6:12p  7:12p  8:12 PM 
 Michigan & Indiana 
 7:15 AM  8:15a 9:15a  10:15  11:15a  12:15p  1:15p   2:15p 3:15p  4:15p  5:15p 6:15p  7:15p   8:15 PM
 Campbell & Lincolnway
 7:16 AM  8:16a 9:16a  10:16  11:16a  12:16a  1:16a  2:16p  3:16p  4:16p  5:16p   6:16p 7:16p  ----

Alternative formats are available upon request. Indiana Relay Number - 711