Welcome to the V-Line!

The V-Line is a deviated fixed route bus service for the citizens and visitors of Valparaiso, Indiana. Established in 2007, the V-Line will help get you across town and beyond! V-Line routes can take you to popular destinations around our city. Some routes encompass the Valparaiso University campus, while others integrate with the Northern Indiana Commuter Transit District (NICTD) service to get commuters to and from the South Shore station on time. Rely on the V-Line for a fast, economical, and environmentally friendly alternative to meet your local travel needs.
Extra Mile One Mile Challenge 2018 
LaPorte  Avenue will be closed on July 12 from 6PM to 8PM for the EXMI One Mile Challenge Race. The Green and Brown Route will be using Lincolnway instead of LaPorte during those hours. The Brown Route will be picking up at VU P37 parking lot instead of the Harre Union during the race. 
2018 EXMI One MIle Challenge