ADA Related Complaints

How to submit complaints (ADA related)

The ChicaGo Dash shall not discriminate against any person or group of persons with regard to the availability or quality of transportation service furnished as a part of the project on the basis of race, color, or national origin. Frequency of service, age, quality and number of vehicles assigned to specific areas shall not be determined on the basis of color, race or national origin. The ChicaGo DASH shall ensure that opportunities to participate in the transit planning and decision making processes are provided to person without-regard race, color or national origin. Alternative Formats Available Upon Request. 

Any person with a disability (or any person, by virtue of their association with a person with a disability) who believes they have been the subject of disability-related discrimination, denied access to ChicaGo DASH facilities or services because of a disability, or wishes to report any other problems related to a disability may complete and submit the City's grievance form. The ADA Coordinator will respond to any request within 15 business days. An online version of the form can be found here. A written copy may be requested after an online complaint is made to verify the statements are accurate. Complaints must be filled within 60 days of the alleged offense.